Posted June 19, 2014:
That Which is New

by Hans Urs von Balthasar.

That which is new is always the working of the Holy Spirit. It is not so much the first creation that is his work—this foundation is the work of the Father—but rather the transformation that amounts to a new creation, making something alive out of what is dead, something eternal out of what is transient, something heavenly out of what is earthly.

This always involves a death and a resurrection, a leap over one’s own boundary that one takes only in the power of the Spirit. And yet this creative working does not take place without the collaboration of the one who is to be transformed.

Christ has accomplished the new dimension for us. The Spirit places it at our disposal as a new, open space, but we must believe, obey, entrust ourselves to him, wish to be lifted up into the new dimension.

Excerpted from Explorations in Theology, vol. 3, Creator Spirit, Ignatius Press (1993), p. 169.

The author, who was to be made cardinal but died before the ceremony, is considered to be one of the most important theologians of the 20th century.


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