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Notes From Near and Far: St. Joseph’s House

by Sandra Novecosky.

Wonder what’s been happening since our 50th anniversary? Well, for one thing, we are planning for a major renovation of our house, which will be taking place this summer. The walls will be coming down, and the insulation and wiring will be replaced.

We will be moving out at the beginning of June and, God willing, moving back in September. We are looking for places to stay among our friends. We want to keep our apostolic life as normal as possible, so we are doing a lot of thinking and planning.

We have had a busy social life. We had the seminarians from the Companions of the Cross come for a potluck supper and Pre-Lent Event. In Madonna House, "Pre-Lent Event" means skits, and both we and they presented some.

It was a time of joy and mutual edification. We mused at how our skits differed: Ours were feminine, poking fun at our communication quirks and blunders. Theirs were masculine: for example, a poustinik* being mauled by wild animals and someone dying from a brother’s bad cooking!

We just completed our winter study, which was done individually this year. Alma did a study of the psalms, Loretta did continuing veterinary education, and Trina studied Catherine’s writings on poverty, chastity and obedience.

Carol Ann, Martha, and I pursued creative studies: Carol Ann is developing a new puppet play based on the story about the "two nuns" who visited a patient of Catherine’s in the early days. I started learning to play the recorder, and Martha’s learning haircutting.

Some local people have started a recreation committee and have planned some regular events to be held afternoons at the community centre. They also planned a recreation day which was tagged on to the annual celebration called "TimberFest." It was a great success.

Meanwhile, we continue to do little things: Our shops have been busier than usual this winter. We are spending one week a month visiting our neighbors. And we are very grateful for spring after an unseasonably long, cold, and snowy winter.


*someone on a particular type of retreat in a cabin


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