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The Holy Spirit is There for You

by Catherine Doherty.

The Holy Spirit is there for you under many conditions.

Sometimes you are confronted with a very important decision and you feel that you should talk to the Holy Spirit about it. What you think seems right might actually be all wrong.

Suppose you’re thinking of taking a job some place, and you’re not sure that it is a good spot to go. Well, pray to the Holy Spirit and he will give you an answer. At least he always does for me.

When I was deciding to give up everything and follow God directly, it was quite a struggle, you know. So I talked to the Holy Spirit and asked him what he thought about it.

I had a strange answer: "Do it." So I did it, and here I am. Yes, here I am. It is astonishing, absolutely astonishing.

It’s a good idea to pray to the Holy Spirit at least once a week, because people forget him. They pray to Jesus Christ and they pray to the Father, but they forget the Advocate who teaches us.

So pray to him quite often. It is impossible to tell you how wonderful he is, and how important. The average Catholic doesn’t think he is important, but he is very important.

We celebrate Pentecost yearly, but I think Pentecost could be celebrated every day.

Each day he is with me and holds me tight. All of me. He is like my cloak that covers me up and I am safe. So are you. Yes, he keeps you really safe. So I hope you are going to pray to him. It is so very important that you do.


Adapted from Grace in Every Season, MH Publications, (2001), May 30, p.150


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