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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (April 2014)

In April, as the snow continues to melt, our gardeners will be busy removing the mulch of last year’s leaves and preparing the gardens for planting. And as the warmth and light of the sun will enable their seeds to grow, so too, the light of the Resurrection will enable the seeds of faith to grow in us.

We are grateful for all you sent us: such as the toothpaste, toothbrushes, and the unscented hand lotion which everyone, even those allergic to scents, can use. Our big community is always in need of these things, and this month we could use some men’s shaving cream.

The kitchen department wants to thank you for the gravy boats you sent.

They are still in need of sturdy baby baths, which have two uses: for pre-washing small pots and containers, and for washing vegetables. Every evening after supper the men, staff and guests alike, wash, peel and chop the vegetables for the following day; they wash them in baby baths.

If baby baths are hard to find, the kitchen would be equally grateful for strong plastic containers, called "bus boxes." The best size for our needs is 15 x 21 x 7 inches.

The cleaning department wants to thank you for the bars of soap you sent. They are still asking for long-handled, heavy-duty bottle brushes and for squeegees for window washing (8-inch or 12-inch).

They would also be grateful for Murphy’s Oil Soap for cleaning our wooden floors, for small-size rubber gloves, and for any upright vacuum cleaners.

The gift shop is asking for a laminator to protect signs (8½ x 11 inches or less). For bagging small purchases, they need lunch-size paper bags, and for wrapping fragile goods, tissue paper, new or used. (They use newspaper when they can, but it doesn’t work for everything.) They also need small pricing labels.

As for merchandise: egg cups, dangly pierced earrings, and toys for boys are selling well these days. Do you have any you could send us?

Last but not least, St. Martha’s office needs Scotch Tape and pencil sharpeners, and the nurses need lubricating eye drops, Band-Aids, Witch Hazel, and Epsom salts.

As we are very grateful for the sun’s glow and warmth after our long winter, so, too, we are grateful for your donations. We thank you for them, and you are in our hearts and prayers during this great season.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (April 2014)


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