Posted February 24, 2014:
Take Your Choice

by Catherine Doherty.

No matter how much the men and women in office seem to wreck their part of the Church’s fabric by their humanness—weakness, sinfulness and unpleasant personality traits—it does not happen.

Christ in their office does not allow the Church to be wrecked because of the weakness of the persons who represent him.

Many people expect every religious superior, from the pope on down, to be a saint.

Let us say that your religious superior, your pastor, or whoever is in charge, has the worst personality conceivable and that everyone has enormous difficulties dealing with him or her. … I’ll let you fill in the rest of the picture.

Remember, we are dealing with the mysterium romanum (the mystery of Rome)—and—what is more to the point—we are dealing with the passion of Christ and the behavior of the apostles, who were not such "hot potatoes." One denied him, one betrayed him, all but one ran away when he died.

There are only two possible conclusions: either the Catholic Church is divinely founded, and Christ is in all the people who rule his Church, or there is no Catholic Church, and the whole thing isn’t worth belonging to. Take your choice.

—Adapted from Grace in Every Season, (2001), April 28, p. 122, available from MH Publications.


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