Posted October 18, 2013:
To a Mop

by Joe Walker.

Oh, thin and lowly creature of God, which the Lord has given to us to use as an aid in restoring the whole world to Christ, may we treat you reverently and never abuse you in any way while we clean God’s floors.

Quietly you hang on your rack in the furnace room until the Lord has need of you. That time comes. You are plucked from your resting place and plunged into a pail of hot, soapy water.

Your coiffure is ruined and hangs over your face like spaghetti. You then glide over the dining room floor. Swish. Swish. You utter no protest. (It is hard to talk with your mouth full of hot, soapy water.)

Up one aisle, down the other. You and your operator are breathless till the job is done, and the floor gleams and radiates God’s love toward all those who look upon that floor, another of God’s lowly creatures.

4 p.m., time for tea, and you, oh mop, get a chance to catch your breath for a short spell. Then it is back you go into the kitchen and pantry, and finally, you are in the home stretch—down the hallway—swish, swish—and repeatedly in and out of the pail to have the dirty water squeezed out and rinsed.

Now, once again you are dunked in the clean, soapy water to soak for a while to remove your "tattle-tale gray" look, and the snarls and knots are removed from your tresses.

Then, just as before, you are returned to your resting place, quietly and lovingly until next time.

We can always learn something from one of God’s lowly, defenseless creatures. When we squeeze out the dirty water from the mop, we can ask God to squeeze out of us all that displease him, so that we can be light-hearted and happy while in his service, loving others.

Also, while we are combing out the knots and snarls of the mop, let us ask God and Our Lady to remove all the obstacles to a closer union with the Blessed Trinity and our brothers and sisters.

This was found among Joe’s papers. It was written some time during Joe’s 19 years at Marian Centre Edmonton (1961 – 1980.) During that time, Joe spent countless hours mopping the floor of our soup kitchen.


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