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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (September 2013)

When you read this column, Fall will be practically on our doorsteps. But at the time of writing we are at the height of summer—for us, an intense time. This is when our shops are open full-time and people visit us in greater numbers to take part in Cana Colony, the Summer Program, or just to tour the grounds.

Cana Colony, our camp/retreat for families is as popular as ever. For next year, the families will need a couple of breadboxes to keep their bread and crackers free from bugs and mice. If you have an extra one you can send, it will be greatly appreciated.

Our apple orchards are doing well, thanks to the good care from our orchard keepers. Would you consider sending them any type of apple size plastic balls (such as wiffle balls)?

And to go with that, they also need "Tangle Trap", a sticky substance used to coat the balls to make traps for apple fly maggots. One other need we have is for wettable sulfur powder to spray the trees against apple scab.

The Gift Shop staff wonder if anyone might have some type of pricing guide for Inuit art, that is, small carvings and crafts made for commercial sale. Thank you for the small pricing stickers. They are always welcome.

We’ve had a busy season in the Gift Shop and now we need to re-stock. We can easily sell earrings, bracelets, rings of all kinds. We get many requests for wedding bands from people who have lost theirs or young people who want to buy them from us for their wedding so they can support the missions at the same time.

Other items we would appreciate are strong silver colored chain for hanging lampadas, and one-inch oval Miraculous Medals.

The office is well supplied for now, except for Scotch tape. Thank you for the marking pens that we received.

Here are some kitchen needs that have cropped up: electric popcorn poppers, wax paper, and a set of soup bowls, individual serving size.

Our farmers ask for leather work boots, sizes 10, 11, and 12, and tarp straps, either rubber or bungee types.

The laundry would be grateful for line spacers for our very long clotheslines, Oxyclean in any form, and women’s hankies.

In the cleaning department, we need spray bottles. When you finish using a product that comes in a spray bottle, would you consider saving them for us?

Plus we need dental floss, especially G.U.M. refills, Murphy’s floor soap, squeegees, unscented hand lotion, long-handled bottle brushes, and upright vacuum cleaners.

Thank you for checking out this begging column. Have we told you lately how much your care and support mean to us? Well, we are saying it right now with all our hearts. In faith, we know that all the living out of the Gospel that we are able to bring forth in the Apostolate is due to your great, loving hearts. And for this we give thanks each day in our community prayers.


In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (September 2013)


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