Posted September 24, 2013 in MH Vancouver BC:
Notes From Near and Far: Vancouver, BC

by Emmanuella Kim.

We were able to go to the March for Life in Victoria one day early and stay an extra day. Marilyn Grant kindly prepared a room for us to stay and food to eat. The beauty of Victoria just grabbed us, so we spent some time walking along the ocean, and watched a blue heron standing alone like a loner.

The news of Mary Lynn’s transfer [to St. Mary’s in Combermere] came to us suddenly in April. She has been here for 7 years, 2 years in Surrey and five here in the city. After she returned from the meetings, she had only two weeks to pack and say goodbye. We were able to take three days to reflect together on the LD Meeting notes. After that, she had appointments every day, sometimes even three in one day!

We had an open house/farewell party on June 2nd. Our parish offered to help out, so they took on the kitchen and cleaning. They were a great help, so that Mary Lynn and I could greet everyone who came.

It was good to see so many people from all different parishes and all different ages, from 2 months to 80 years.

Many commented how deeply it touched their hearts that Mary Lynn was so willing to surrender her heart to God’s will when it was not easy for her to say "yes" because of her love for the life here.

Mary Lynn was able to meet with our Bishop Miller, and some of the other priests.

Kay O’Shea came to join me two days before Mary Lynn left on June 5.

I feel like I am grieving over the big hole in our house. Among many members of MH, God brings some of us together to live very closely. I mean, very, very closely. Eventually we get to know each other so well: how someone likes their tea or coffee, when they like to have popcorn, what their childhood was like. I can even tell their vocation stories as though they were mine!

It’s a blessing and a privilege to live with someone whom God has planned. To get to know how God works in their lives through living this life. And to see someone growing into the love of God is very precious, even though it means struggles and hardships we endure together. Our sharp edges are becoming softer, and then we fit together well in God’s kingdom, hopefully.

I was so anxious to know whom God would send to me to live with, and it was Kay. I am looking forward to sharing our life with her and getting to know a Bronx girl!

This became kind of a personal letter from me, but I just wanted to share with you what happened to our house!


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