Posted September 16, 2013:
I Believe

by Fr. Émile-Marie Brière.

It is with joy and gratitude to God for the power of his Love at work in people, that I share the following testimony recently received.

"Life takes on a dimension in the depths of my heart that it never had before. I believe in miracles, in people and their basic goodness, as I never did before. I believe in the power of Jesus living in men, living in me so that I need fear no evil. I believe in the hidden beauty of each man. I believe in the power of gentle, kindly laughter and smiles and fun. I believe in joy and men catching fire with it in God, to become living flames of love. I believe in the million words that go unsaid, because there are no human words for them, but which shine in men’s eyes and heal and unite. I believe in giving and seeking no return; of listening with the heart as well as the head. I believe in roughing it and toughing it at times, when God seems to ask this of us. I believe in the passion that becomes compassion. I believe I have a Father whose love for me is without end, who gives me daily new fullness of life.

"The Lord has turned and looked on me and in the light of that look my darkness has been dispelled by Him who is the Light. A song of praise remains on my lips pouring itself out as from an everlasting stream. The darkness of the womb has been exchanged for the dawning light of new life that is Life Itself.

"As I travel I am conscious of the rhythm of nature — the heartbeat of God. I begin to think that when we get out of this rhythm, when we try to accelerate our lives outside the heartbeat of nature, and of God, we become tense and we miss the healing that is ever present for us to be restored as it moves forward, because of the source of its heartbeat. I hope you can understand what I am trying to say; I think you can."

from The Power of Love, Fr. Briere, Sept 1974


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