Posted September 27, 2013:
An Autumn Prayer

by José de Vinck.

O Lord of the harvest moon and of the golden wheat, now that our crops are ripening and our barns are being filled with the bounty of your gifts, let us not take pride in our success and security, but let us be humbly grateful for having escaped from hail and floods and storms. And even if our crops were destroyed by some action of your mysterious will, let us still give thanks to you as did Job on his dung-heap. For all our works are vain in comparison with your great work, and your ways, unknown to us, are infinitely wise. And in our declining years, let us not weep over what we have lost, but rejoice instead in the coming fulfillment of your promise. Amen.

José de Vinck, a friend of Madonna House for many, many years, died recently at age 100.



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