Posted August 22, 2013:
The Colt and His Mother

by Scott Eagan.

"Sometimes fear can immobilize you," said staff worker Doug Guss, "and stubbornness can lock you into place for a long time." He was watching two of us farmers trying to get Noël, our three-and-a-half-month-old colt, to take his first training walk, solo, around the farm yard.

We had managed to get the halter over the head of the 350-pound colt and to lead him, a few steps at a time, just outside the horse barn.

But Noël had "put on the brakes." He was "in park," so to speak—no going forward, no backing up.

What to do? Give up? Try to get him back into the barn, take off his halter, and try again another day? It was Holy Saturday, and we didn’t need the hassle that day.

Then I had an idea. Dixie, Noël’s mother, was tied in a stall just inside the horse barn. Why not try leading her out past Noël? Surely he would follow her.

That’s just what happened. As soon as we led Dixie out of the barn and over to her foal, Noël wanted to follow her. He knew his mother, and he trusted her.

Down the laneway we walked, around the house and back to the barn—mother and colt and farmers. It was a nice, successful training session.

As I was putting the horses back out into their yard, I was reminded of a spiritual reality. We, too need to follow the Mother.

When we are confused, confounded, full of fear, or locked in stubbornness, we need to let our Mother—our Blessed Mother—lead.

We know her, and we can trust her. She is always near. She can go first. She will lead us away from the tomb and into the fullness of life with Jesus, our Home.

Grace builds on nature. Alleluia!


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