Posted August 08, 2013 in MH Roanoke VA:
Notes from Near and Far: MH Roanoke

by Patricia Lawton.

One morning in February, I heard the announcer on the radio say that Pope Benedict had resigned. I laughed to myself thinking that someone at that station was going to be in big trouble for reporting such an error.

But not too much later in the day, I realized my error: the Holy Father really was stepping down.

As the days passed, I fought moments of anxiety and discouragement about the future of the Church and prayed mightily for the one who would succeed Pope Benedict.

Now, when I look back on my anxiety in the light of Pope Francis, his humble witness beaming Christ’s love upon us all, I shake my head. When will I ever trust that God always does something way beyond what I can imagine?

And that is so true for our presence here at MH Roanoke as well, as it is for every follower of Christ. So hidden is our life, and yet so essential to the whole Church.

The Lord is doing something with our meager attempts to love in this house, way beyond what we can imagine.

Only when she sees him face-to-face will Beth Ryan know what love and mercy the Lord poured on hearts as she put through the one thousandth(!) load of laundry in her apostolic life.

Only then will Marie-Therese McLaughlin know what blessings happened because she greeted a Brother Christopher walking up our lane to the day shelter and took time to chat with him.

Only then will I discover how my Beloved brought his peace upon hearts somewhere because I summoned up the courage to ask forgiveness from my sisters for my short temper and impatience. Again!

The same is often true in regards to the many people who come through our blue door. We rarely know what healing and formation Jesus is really doing in their hearts.

All he asks is that we open the blue door and offer the cup of tea, and the Lord gives us the grace to stay rooted in faith that he is at work.

Our foundress, Catherine Doherty, would say, "If you take your faith seriously at all times, you can do more to change the world than a thousand printed programs and a million revolutionaries."


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