Posted July 09, 2013:
The Small and the Trivial (Pilgrimage to Medjugorje - Part 4)

by Martha Shepherd.

Along the footpaths and in the fields of Medjugorje, there were all kinds of beautiful wild flowers, the little flowers of spring. The kinds were new to me. The birds, too, were different from the ones I know. And the vineyards were just budding.

I never felt I was wasting my time in stopping to look and notice any of these things. I found that my heart expanded and my mind was drawn to silence when I did.

All along the streets were stores selling postcards, rosaries, etc. Although I’d been given money for the purpose and wanted to bring things back for people, I felt that any time spent in the stores was utter waste. To spend time comparing items and prices, haggling, etc., did not quiet my mind or expand my heart at all.

Gradually, this became a word to me: the difference between the small and the trivial. God is in every small thing, every little thing done exceedingly well, every tiniest part of his creation. But the trivial takes us away from him; it hides his face.

Yet, we love trivia. It is an escape, a distraction. But it is a dead end, not life-producing.

Living as I do in a poustinia house, there is precious little trivia in my life, and yet how highly I have prized it! "Why," I ask myself, "do I yearn for a half hour before bed with a magazine but groan at the thought of a half hour of adoration at that point?"

Because prayer has become an active thing, a work for others. It is necessary for me, absolutely, but it is not relaxation, restoration.

I learned in Medjugorje that I need to learn anew to rest in God, not in trivia. Only he can re-create me. And when trivia is banished, there is more time for the little.

I want to pay attention to the little every day—rather than flee into the trivial.

to be continued


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