Posted July 23, 2013:
My Tattooed Heart

by Doreen Dykers.

my tattooed heart is marked for life
    not by my own choice

scar tissue sends the EKG machines
    into spasms

everything that ever happened to me
is recorded — all of it
with lightning precision speed
engraved — indelibly
    my heart is my witness

fingers gently probe, push,
forever change the pattern of the soil
    enduring yet delicate
    the prairie lilies I plant
hands in the earth — my heart sings

a stealthy snap of the stem
captured on the retina of my eye
leaves the garden forever maimed

    tattoos are everywhere
    we fail to notice

flaming lights dance on prairie lily petals
see the distinctive markings
abundant tattooed flecks of darkest brown
are beautiful and console the heart


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