Posted June 20, 2013:
The Revolution of Love

by Catherine Doherty.

Is it possible to love all humanity?

Christ didn’t mean we had to like everyone. "Liking" is an emotion, while "love" is a Person. Love is God. If we allow emotion to guide us in the choice of whom we are going to love, then we end up loving no one except (perhaps) ourselves and in the wrong way.

Christ told us to love one another as he has loved us. We too are called to love all men and women: those we like, those we dislike, even those who wish us evil.

The law of love demands that we become people of the towel and the water; that we, like Christ, wash our neighbor’s feet. This is the true revolution that will change the face of the earth.

From Light in the Darkness, (2009), p. 30, available from MH Publications


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