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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (May-June 2013)

May-June is such a hopeful time of year for us. It is the time when the local directors of all our mission houses come home to Combermere for three weeks of meetings. We hear about their year in the field, and they hear about our year here.

Then, too, there is Promises Day on June 8th, the day when new members are added to our family and some of our members renew their commitments.

Our hope is lit also by the families who come to our Cana Colony in July and August. May and June are times of preparing for them, and this year, Cana is asking for just one thing: battery-operated baby monitors.

Our office workers would be grateful for Sharpie Permanent Markers, especially black fine point and ultra-fine point, gel pens, and Scotch tape (both individual size and re-fill rolls for desktop dispensers).

The nurses thank you for the low-dose ASA, ibuprophen, antibiotic ointment, and Gravol, that were sent. This time, they could use acidophilus, vitamin C, vitamin D (1000 I.U.) and antifungal cream.

Thank you for the twist ties. May we have some fly-strips and ant traps?

The staff in our mission gift shop need orange oil for cleaning wooden donations. They thank you for the small statues of saints that came in.

Chris Hanlon, our chief vegetable gardener at the farm, would like to have one or two of those old-style weeders called "wheel hoes." These are hand-operated, not motorized, and consist of two long handles attached to a wheel with 2 or 3 curved blades behind the wheel.

Kate O’Donnell has a list of items needed for cleaning: squeegees (8-inch and 12-inch for wiping down showers, kitchen counters, and windows), steel wool (not soap pads), bottle brushes, and rubber gloves (small and medium).

For our grooming needs, she is asking for non-scented hand lotion and men’s shaving cream. (Some of the staff are allergic to scents.)

Dear friends, this seems to us like a long begging list. We place it before you in all simplicity, remembering that your generosity has never failed us over these many years. We give thanks for each of you, and we keep you and your families in our hearts and daily prayers.

May Our Lady keep her mantle of love around you.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (May-June 2013)


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