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Let Every Guest Be Received As Christ

by Samantha Baklinski.

There is a sign at the front door of St. Joseph’s House that reads: "Let every guest be received as Christ." The first few times I visited there, I was curious about that sign. What did it mean? How, exactly, did someone treat a guest "as Christ?"

It didn’t take too many visits before I began to realize what it meant in the most practical and incarnational of ways.

Each time I went, I was greeted by open arms and joyous faces, comforted with good food and drink, and by each person who listened, advised, consoled, and prayed with and for me.

These experiences, though seemingly unimportant and hidden from others, are my most treasured experiences with my friends at St. Joseph’s House.

Every time I go for a visit, I read the sign upon entering and leaving, and I always try to bring home to my own family what it means to receive each person as Christ.

And such manifestations of love for Christ in others are certainly not confined within the walls of your house.

Dear staff of St. Joseph’s House, for the meals you provide after a baby is born, for keeping an eye out for particularly needed household items, for your presence at family and community events, for your being on call for prayer support, for offering to help in a busy household, and for coming for visits and meals—thank you.

And a thousand thank yous for welcoming my family and me "as Christ," and in so doing, truly being an example of living the Gospel.

Thank you, and may you always be present in our community and in our lives.


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