Posted April 24, 2013 in MH Roanoke VA:
I Have Seen Christ

by Beth Ryan.

I arise and search for my beloved (cf. Song of Songs 3:2)

I have seen Him in the faces of the teenagers in a parish youth group, who came to our house to see our way of living as a witness to Christ. They were remarkably open and interested, asking how we obtain our food, clothing, make-up. I saw Him in their hunger for God.

I have seen Him in the lives of dying friends and in their family members accompanying them on their journey to the Father, forgoing sleep, and giving them nursing care at all hours.

I have seen Him in the radiant joy of a childless couple who have just adopted a son.

I have seen Him in the palpable love of a couple in their nineties, a couple who graced us with their presence for Christmas dinner.

I have seen Him in our faithful volunteers, who shared their brains and brawn to decorate and then de-decorate our house for Christmas.

I have seen Him in Bishop Walter Sullivan, the former bishop of our diocese, in the stories told at his funeral.

I have seen Him in the 650,000 people at the 40th Annual March for Life in Washington, DC, people who share a growing hope for an end to abortion.

I have seen Him in the creative and generous cooking of Marie Therese and in the loving listening of Patricia, my two fellow staff in MH Roanoke.

I have even seen Him in my own heart from time to time, like the day when, all in a dither, I suddenly realized I could be doing the laundry for love of God instead of just routinely. And so I started anew.


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