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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (March 2013)

Lent is a blessed time. Among other things, it’s a time to deepen our prayer life and to carry even more the suffering of people throughout the world, people whose sorrow is before our eyes every day in the news. And, as always, our daily work is part of our offering for the world.

One of our many ongoing tasks, a very hidden one, is mending our clothing, household linens, and bedding. For a number of years, Laurette Patenaude has been doing this. She would very much appreciate some iron-on patches, seam rippers, and a supply of strong steel dressmaker straight pins.

In the kitchen, we need popcorn poppers, drip coffeemakers and filters, book matches, and 8-inch round serving bowls (holding approximately 1.65 quarts). (We serve our meals family-style—six people per table—so this is the kind we use.)

The cleaning and grooming closets are low on some items: large bottle brushes (canning jar size), upright vacuum cleaners, medium and small rubber gloves, bar soap, and men’s shaving cream.

The office staff are very grateful for the supplies you have sent in recent months. They are now well-supplied with and no longer need calendars, envelopes, desk organizers, pens, pencils, and rulers. Their only needs now are buff-colored correction fluid and mechanical pencil refills (.7 and .9 mm.).

The folks in the craft center are asking for double-sided tape and needle tools for felting wool. And the laundress would be happy to have a few bars of yellow Sunlight Soap for scrubbing out stains and washing things by hand.

Up at the farm, because of last summer’s drought, we are low on hay. So our dairy man, Mike Huffman, is asking for some to feed our livestock until next summer’s haying time. If you are a farmer from an area unaffected by that drought and have any extra hay, we would so appreciate receiving it. Any amount would help.

Also at the farm, our cheese-maker needs nitrile rubber gloves (large and extra-large size), and the bush crew needs chainsaw bar oil.

Our nurses thank you for the low-dose aspirin and Extra-Strength Tylenol that were sent. The supplements we are low on these days are: vitamin C, vitamin B-6 (50 mg), and magnesium citrate.

Moreover, we’d all be grateful for any donation of hand sanitizer and Kleenex, for these have played a big role in keeping cold and flu germs from spreading.

Thank you for reading this column and for staying in touch with us. Your care and support mean so much. In these Lenten days, let us beg the Lord for more love so that we can feed one another and everyone we meet with his love and peace.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (March 2013)


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