Posted March 06, 2013:
How to Walk on the Twigs

by Fr. Bob Wild.

The power of Jesus is infinite and utterly certain. In the Gospel, he says to the evil spirits, "Be quiet," and they are quiet. There are storms on the lake and he says, "Be still," and there is calm.

In our own lives there are storms still raging. There are darknesses where we feel the light of Christ has not yet penetrated. Fears keep us from moving ahead into God. As I was meditating on all this one day, I had a kind of imaginative vision.

I was standing on a road that was brilliantly lit up with the sun. It was a very long road—the course of my life.

I was just starting out and I was wearing a blindfold. Because of the blindfold, I could only take little baby steps, fearfully and timidly.

I stepped on a few twigs and thought, "Oh, my goodness, I’m heading into a forest!" I inched a little further and stepped into a shallow ditch and thought, "Help! I’m going over a cliff!"

Then in my mind’s eye I saw Jesus standing next to me. He said, "I will be your eyes on your journey. All you have to do is give me your hand and allow me to lead you. Don’t let your fears prevent you from traveling life’s road.

"What you call the forests and abysses are not really so; those are products of your own fears. And even if they were, they would be nothing for me. I have crossed over every abyss, gone through every forest, calmed every storm. I have passed through everything you fear. Come with me. Don’t be afraid."

Here we are, all inching our way along the road of life. If our hands were really in the hand of Christ, we would be able to walk briskly, even run.

The power of Jesus to save is utterly certain, but we must put ourselves in his hands. We must allow him to guide us. We must believe in his vision, in his strength. Otherwise, we will only be able to walk by our own feeble light, and we will not get very far.

We will break a twig and think we are crashing through a forest, step into a little hole and think we are heading for the abyss. Christ is at our side. Let us trust him.


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