Posted March 22, 2013:
A Fool and a Sinner

by Fr. Eddie Doherty.

I am a fool, Lord, and I am a sinner, so it is right for me to sing your praises. Only a sinner can praise you on earth. Only a saint can praise you in heaven. One has to be a saint to enter heaven. But a sinner can be a saint if he asks for help. Some sinners do and some don’t.

I give you thanks especially because I was and am so dastardly. Were I not, your almighty strength might never have come to me. Your mercy might never have visited me.

Had I not been a wicked lamb, your Son, my Lord, my Shepherd, would not have hunted for me.

I would never have known the joy of being carried in his arms the long, long way back home.

I would not have held my foolish head against his breast.

I would not have heard the heartbeat of his infinite compassion.

Had I not been so wretched and ragged a sinner, I might never have known the tenderness and the love and the thoughtfulness and the care and the holiness of my Father.

—Excerpted from Psalms of a Sinner, Abbey Press 1976, pp. 4-5, out of print.


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