Posted February 21, 2013 in MH Roanoke VA:
Notes from Near and Far: Roanoke, Virginia

by Marie-Therese McLaughlin.

I have been in Roanoke for ten months, and for me, the words that describe our house are "total immersion"—a plunging deeply into the lives of so many people.

Our mandate from the bishop when we came in 1979 was "to be a visible prayer presence among the people of the Richmond Diocese." What does that mean, practically speaking? Among other things, it means being a part of all five parishes here in the city.

Many deep friendships have been forged over our 33 years here, and more are being nurtured every day. We are very involved in the lives of many families.

During these past two months, we attended a baptism, we journeyed with some of our elderly friends, and we attended four funerals, one of whom was of a good priest friend who died quite suddenly.

We have Mass at our house twice a month on Saturday mornings. I’ve come to really love those times. The Mass is celebrated by various local priests, and usually between fifteen and twenty-five people attend. Everyone brings something towards a brunch, and that mealtime is an intimate time for sharing and just being together.

For the Year of Faith, we have started a little study group. We are reading Catherine Doherty’s booklet, Re-Entry into Faith, along with The Catechism of he Catholic Church.

The group is stimulating and fun, and we are getting excited about our faith.

Here in MH Roanoke, no day looks the same, but every day is full.


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