Posted February 19, 2013 in MH Raleigh NC:
Notes from Near and Far: Raleigh, North Carolina

by Theresa Davis.

We seldom send news for this newspaper. I think one has to be a creative writer to say in a new way that our main goal is to be and that, as Catherine Doherty used to tell us, what one does matters, but not that much.

Yes, we listen to people, answer the phone, and are a presence of hope and stability and instruments of the Holy Spirit—especially when we are the least aware of it.

But at this time, we have three events to tell you about that are very exciting, at least for us.

One is that Echo Lewis’ biography of Catherine Doherty for young people—the one she has been writing, squeezing it in between many other things, for ten years—is finished.

Alleluia! MH Publications is publishing it, and Echo went to Combermere to work on the final details. It should be out soon, and when it is, Restoration will be giving you information about it. And when it comes out, our parish is going to have her autograph her book at the end of the Sunday Masses.

The next event is that Joanne DeGidio, who spends winters here and summers in Combermere, arrived early to be my care giver. (I am recuperating from a fractured ankle.)

Joanne is more than a care-taker, of course: she makes the meals, cleans, does laundry, runs the whole place and, most important, along with me, she hostesses all those who drop in. People are always happy to see her again.

The third event is this: As of today, I can walk without a cast or a boot or a walker. But I will have to do therapy not only for my ankle but to reassign the bulk that gravity dropped around my waist and hips after ten weeks of sitting.

As I write this, we are entering Advent, one of the richest liturgical times of the year—feast days galore. It’s always so new and revitalizing and full of expectation of the coming of the Lord.


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