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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (January 2013)

Walking in the soft silence of our snow-covered woods, one can ponder the beauty of nature and, at the same time, carry in prayer the pain of the world. The thing that gives us hope is well-expressed in the Byzantine Liturgy: "Christ is in our midst. He is and always will be."

This faith of ours is what makes it possible for us to carry on, to attend to the myriad of ordinary duties that sometimes feel monotonous, but that we know are essential to our apostolate.

It makes a vast difference to us that you are with us in this walk of faith. You support us by your prayers and donations, and you cheer us by the glimpses we get of your own, often quietly heroic, lives.

In the gift shop, winter is a good time to polish donated brass and silver items. We would be happy to receive some MET-ALL brass polishing cream (it is non-toxic), if you are able to send some.

As for the stock in the shop, the most popular item at the jewelry counter these days is earrings. Please save up for us any tissue paper you can spare, the kind used for wrapping. It’s very useful for wrapping delicate, fragile purchases. Some small stickers for price tags would be a big help as well.

Our office staff continue to need 2013 calendars (especially religious ones), Scotch tape of all types, and mechanical lead pencil refills (.7 mm and .9mm size). Thanks to your recent donations, they have enough paper, pens, and pencils for the time being.

The subscription department of Restoration needs 9 x 12 envelopes for sending out bulk orders of the paper.

Our farmers do an admirable job of producing the food we need. They are asking for the kind of wax used to wrap cheese for storing and also for some neatsfoot oil.

We are very grateful for the large- size kitchen rubber gloves you sent us. Would you be able to send a few pairs of medium as well?

Other household needs are: sturdy squeegees for washing windows and bottle brushes for large canning jars.

Where would we be without our faithful nurses? Among other things, they help us deal with minor maladies and mishaps through basic over-the-counter meds that you are kind enough to provide. This month, they need rubbing alcohol, magnesium citrate, and low-dose (baby) aspirin.

Doreen Dykers, our head laundress, would like to replace our very old stained, threadbare zippered pillow covers. Are you able to send us some that are in better condition than ours?

Every morning, as we enter into our ordinary days, whatever they contain, let us remember that they have meaning because God is with us. May he send you his peace to uphold and console you.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (January 2013)


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