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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (December 2012)

Dear Friends, it is a joy to be writing to you at this holy time: the early part of the Year of Faith, in which our Holy Father has called the whole Church to participate. In the weeks and months ahead, may each of us experience an outpouring of grace so that our faith be increased and strengthened.

In every season, here at Madonna House, we continue our simple life of doing little things well for the love of God and our brothers and sisters. Since we need your help in order to do this, we come again to beg for our current needs.

The staff at St. Martha’s office are grateful for the supply of pens and pencils and letter openers you sent. They now have enough letter openers to last for a good while.

This time, they are asking for 2013 calendars, especially religious ones, Scotch tape of all types, desktop and drawer organizers, 6-inch rulers, and #10 security envelopes. (All other types of envelopes are in good supply.)

Our nurses are helping us to recover from colds and muscle aches. A few over-the-counter meds would be greatly appreciated: Gravol, low-dose aspirin, lubricant eye drops, and extra strength Tylenol caplets (or the generic equivalent). Thank you for the ibuprofen.

Thank you, too, for the coffee urns, silverware, and hand mixers that were donated for our kitchen. Can you send us some wax paper, book matches, and digital timers?

Here’s an unusual request for Cana colony, our summer program for families: a baby monitor for parents to use when the baby is napping in the cabin.

In winter, our mission gift shop continues to be open for business a few afternoons a week. Jewelry is an ongoing big seller: earrings, chains, bracelets, broaches, and pocket watches sell extremely well. Thank you for the crystal donations; most of the large bowls have been sold, and we would like to re-stock.

Other popular items are: small boxes (wooden, porcelain, etc.), quilts, and small decorative lamps. Medium and small gift bags would also be appreciated.

Here is what we are low on in our grooming and cleaning cupboards: toothpaste ( 75 ml or larger), men’s shaving cream, men’s razors, heavy duty chemical grade rubber gloves, and regular rubber gloves (medium and large).

Also, please send a glue stick or two for Christmas card-making.

We close our begging with a warm thank you from the laundress for the Resolve in-wash stain remover. It has lightened her job considerably.

Thank you for receiving this monthly listing of our needs with such generous spirits. You are deep in our hearts and prayers during this holy season.

Let us open our hearts wide to joy, knowing that Christ is being formed in our lives as he was formed in Our Lady’s womb. Have a wonderful Christmas.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susan Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (December 2012)


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