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When All Is Said And Done

by Catherine Doherty.

What is our spirituality when all is said and done? I see us silently, in a manner of speaking, doing little ordinary things men and women do everywhere, always with an immense, burning love, knowing that love makes every gesture, step, word, and work, redemptive.

I see us loving each other, serving each other, and all the world, because to our eyes of faith and truth, each is Christ to the other. That is all.

The rest he will do through us. We are just lovers witnessing to love, servants reflecting the light of the Master, and torchbearers of love and light in our modern darkness, by being lovers and doing ordinary daily tasks for Love’s sake and with great love.

Three places are our school: Bethlehem, where we become like little children; Nazareth, where we are hidden; and Golgotha, where the world sees us stripped of all, dead to self, sharing unto death on the cross the passion of him whom our hearts love.

What is our spirituality when all is said and done? To me it is so simple. It is to shed our whole selfish self, to take up our cross, no matter how heavy, and to follow him from Bethlehem to Golgotha, follow him humbly as a servant follows his master, yet as a bride her husband.

Walking in his footsteps, reflecting his light, being his little, humble apostles.

—From Grace in Every Season, (2001), February 12, pp. 54-55, available from MH Publications


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