Posted November 19, 2012 in MH Regina SK:
The Garden in the City

by Doreen Dykers.

Winter’s coming. Garden tools are put away.
Geraniums and dahlia bulbs rescued
from the cold earth lie prone in paper bags.
The Himalayan orchid
was finally identified and then dug out.
Ground cleared. Fallen seeds sleep till spring.

Early November, before the first snow:
A homeless man with shining eyes
Asked a favor: let me work—
in the garden.

Memories of summer. Here comes everyone,
creating loveliness. Three year olds in diapers
luxuriating in softness of soil.
The strong ones offer muscle—
will dig in exchange for milk.
The garden, glowing with color,
a good reason to stop, compliment
and see a smile, make a joke and laugh.

A teenager wants something,
Lets down her guard, and humbly asks
A flower for her mother’s birthday.
For a suspended moment,
We live in paradise.


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