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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (November 2012)

Since this is a begging column, how would you like to hear Catherine speak about this subject which was so dear to her heart?

Back in 1962, she wrote: "For almost thirty years of my life in the lay apostolate, I have been asked again and again, ‘Why do you beg? Aren’t there less difficult, less humiliating, easier ways to finance your apostolate?’

"Perhaps there are, but I have only one answer to this question. It is so simple that it is difficult to understand. It goes like this: we of the apostolate beg because we are in love with a Beggar who is God.

"After we have surrendered ourselves, what is there left for us to do but beg? We have nothing of our own. We must beg as he said we should and be content with what we receive."

This month, after a busy summer, the staff of our mission gift shop are asking your help to restock the shop.

The shop is now on its autumn hours—three afternoons a week—and during this slower season, the staff are sending the proceeds from the sales to individual missionaries worldwide.

Here are some of the items they are asking for: men’s and women’s wallets, journals and notepads for keeping a diary or journal, silver-plated candlesticks, crystal vases, and statues of St. Joseph and St. Francis.

The office staff are doing well with the supplies you sent. This time they are asking for 2013 calendars, especially religious ones and Scotch tape of all types.

God bless our nurses who make every effort to keep us healthy. Can you help them (and us) out by sending Tylenol Extra Strength caplets (or their generic equivalent), zinc tablets (25 mg.) Betaine HCL, magnesium citrate, halibut oil capsules, and lubricant eye drops?

Our farmers need heavy-duty manure forks (short-handled, 5-tine, one foot wide).

Kate O’Donnell, our new head of the cleaning department, looks after stocking both the cleaning and grooming closets.

Here is what we are low on: toothpaste (75 ml and up), deodorant (men’s and women’s), shaving cream, and men’s razors. For cleaning, we need regular rubber gloves (medium and large), as well as chemical grade rubber gloves.

The kitchen crew still need matchbooks and paper coffee filters.

Thank you for supporting us in this gospel way of life which our froundress, Catherine Doherty, passed on to us. In this coming month of the Holy Souls, you and your departed ones will be remembered in our daily Masses and prayers.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (November 2012)


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