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Get a Free Subscription or Renewal to Restoration

Beginning in October 2012, Madonna House will be able to accept Visa and Master Card donations. Details will appear in our fall begging letter.

We have also been talking and praying about giving free subscriptions to our benefactors for some time now. This seems to be a good time to do it.

Beginning in October, we will be giving a one year subscription or renewal to benefactors who donate $20 or more and indicate they want it. Current subscribers can take advantage of this offer or continue to renew as usual. More details will be forthcoming.

You, our benefactor, will get a tax receipt for your full donation.



If you enjoy our articles, we ask you to please consider subscribing to the print edition of Restoration; it's only $10 a year, and will help us stay in print. Thanks, and God bless you!


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