Posted September 10, 2012:
I Have Discovered a Secret

by Scott Eagan.

Once I purchased nice clothes—silk shirts, leather jackets, fashion jeans. Now I wear socks, pants, ties, and coats, even underwear, previously worn by others.

Once I worked for good companies and the government. Now I shovel manure, cut firewood, make hay, repair simple tools for the glory of God and for my spiritual family.

Once I ate steak and fruit from around the world—and corn flakes, too. Now I eat what we grow and what is inexpensive and healthy.

Once I had every weekend off and many adventures. Now I love to work six or seven days a week—to serve. And I still have many adventures.

Once I worried about how I would find meaningful work in my life, something to give my life to. Now I know that one can serve and love God and others—anywhere, any time.

Once I went to church on Sundays. Now I attend daily Mass and try to pray always—even to become a prayer.

Once I tried to take care of the world. Now I let God take care of me.

Once I investigated numerous world religions. Now I know that Jesus is the way.

Once I could hardly utter the name of Jesus in witness. Now I try to live his holy name in witness.

Once I was afraid of death, persecution, trials. Now I can do all things through him who strengthens me (Phil 4:12-13).

I have discovered a secret.


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