Posted July 11, 2012:
God is the Editor

by Eddie Doherty, Restoration editor, 1947–1975.

In the autumn of 1947, we had only very recently arrived in Combermere. Life hadn’t yet come to the Madonna House Apostolate here. "This is a period of waiting," Catherine said. "Waiting for a new life to begin is a most peculiar form of waiting—different from all other kinds of waiting."

I was used to waiting, but not for births. I was a newspaper man, and I was used to waiting for a big story to break in some new and exciting part of the world. Excitement was always just little ahead of the next minute. And it would be mine if I waited for it.

Now we were waiting for a new life, a new apostolate. "Mary and Joseph went through just such a time," the cricket in my heart reminded me. "You’re something like Joseph. Not your son you’re waiting for. Hers and God’s."

We were preparing for two births, really, not just one. We were going to have a newspaper of our own—a newspaper or a magazine. Catherine had already given it a name—Restoration. She chose that name because she wanted, through the MH apostolate, to restore all things in Christ (Eph 1:10).

We both decided it wouldn’t be a prim and proper or prosy and pious paper. It would never accept advertising. Our aim wasn’t to make money, but to tell people about God.

We would try to show him as a Father. He wasn’t a "lollypop God" and he wasn’t a "cop God." He was Man with a heart full of compassion, and a divine sense of humor.

Jesus was, and is, a father you can talk to. You can’t fool him and you can’t wheedle him. But you can coax him, if you’re sincere. And you can win his complete forgiveness, if that’s what you really want.

This could be the most exciting newspaper in the English language. And it was going to be mine!

Why should I be editor of such a weekly—it might be wiser to make it a monthly—I who once had sworn I was done with God forever? I who never studied theology, and never would? What did it matter? God finds his tools everywhere.

He would be the real editor. And, if I decently kept out of his way, he would furnish the money we needed for the printing and the postage. He’d also take care of the circulation.

I’d be the only free editor and owner in all the newspaper world. No cares. No worries. No expenses. No competition. Boy! God would be my only boss!

The apostolate could be born only when God was ready for its birth, but the newspaper would be born on any day we chose.

Excerpted and adapted from Cricket in My Heart, (1990), pp. 180-182, available from MH Publications



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