Posted July 25, 2012:
From the First Restoration

by Catherine Doherty.

Restore all things in Christ. Across the centuries the voice of St. Paul comes to us giving us this answer to our constant quest for happiness and peace.

For the last twenty years the voices of the Holy Pontiffs have been blending with that of St. Paul, with a new urgency. And no wonder! For our world is poised on the brink of disaster and chaos.

We all know it. There is in us a restlessness, an uneasiness, that will not be stilled either by the mad pursuit of pleasure or by the feverish gathering of gold and silver—not even by just trying to forget it.

It is there—and our hearts ask uneasily: what of tomorrow? The answer is clear. We must restore all things in Christ or perish. But how to go about it? The task seems too immense, too impossible for the ordinary man and woman, and yet it is so simple.

The word "Restoration" holds within itself the main part of the answer. REST—ORA—TION. The middle syllable, is Latin for "pray." That is the center, and the beginning, of the answer that ultimately will bring us the peace and happiness we hunger for so intensely.

To restore, to give back—begins with oneself. Each and all of us can start there—giving ourselves back to Christ whence we came and to whom we belong. But doing it consciously, willing it. Lifting ourselves up, up—unto Him who descended from heaven to be one of us!

It will be hard at first because we have wandered so far away, because for years we have measured all things according to the standards of the world, and not of Christ.

But if we begin with the "ora," with prayer, we shall get there. And the greatest and most effective prayer is the Mass, daily Mass, whenever possible (and it almost always is). Then in Him, through Him, with Him, and for Him, we shall gradually change ourselves; slowly bringing into our lives His will, His ways, His measures.

When we do, then, almost imperceptibly, we shall affect those near to us, then others. Thus the world will begin to be restored in Christ.

There is nothing spectacular in this slow change, except to the eyes of the angels. But within it lies the answer even now to all that frightens and confuses us.

As we grow in the love of God—for only love can make us undertake this task—our knowledge and understanding of God and the ways of God will grow, too. For we shall desire with a great desire to know more in order to love better.

It is to this end that our little paper is dedicated, for, even as we behold the possible end (for the servant is not greater than the Master) and we see the Crucifix looming dark against our flaming angry modern skies—we still want to be champions of truth.

Are you ready? Let us start, for this change is from the right hand of the Most High. We are not alone. Christ is with us. And many men and women of goodwill are with us also.

Let us pray together, learn together, work together, so that the world one day may be restored—given back to Him who created it.

Reprinted from Restoration, December 1947



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