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A Call to All Christians

by Pope St. Pius X.

The call to restore all things in Christ did not begin with Catherine Doherty. Pope Pius X was talking about it back in 1905. And it didn’t begin with him either.

"To restore all things in Christ" has ever been the Church’s motto, and it is especially ours, in the perilous times in which we live.

To restore all things, not in any fashion, but in Christ, to restore in Christ not only what depends on the divine mission of the Church to conduct souls to God, but also, as we’ve explained, Christian civilization in each and every one of the elements which compose it.

To dwell on this last part of the restoration, you see well what support is given to the Church by those chosen bands of Catholics whose aim is:

(1) to unite all their forces in order to combat anti-Christian civilization by every just and lawful means and to repair in every way the grievous disorders which flow from it;

(2) to reinstate Jesus Christ in the family, the school, and society;

(3) to reestablish the principle that human authority represents that of God;

(4) to take intimately to heart the interests of the people, especially those of the working and agricultural classes, not only by the inculcation of religion, the only true source of comfort in the sorrows of life, but also by striving to dry their tears, to sooth their sufferings, and by wise measures to improve their economic condition;

(5) to endeavor, consequently, to make public laws conformable to justice, to amend or suppress those that are not;

(6) finally, with a true Catholic spirit, to defend and support the right of God in everything, and the no less sacred laws of the Church.

All these works—of which the Catholic laity are the principle supporters and promoters, and whose form varies according to the special needs of each nation and the particular circumstances of each country— constitute what is generally known by a distinctive and surely very noble name: Catholic Action. (Pius X died in 1914 and was canonized a saint in 1954.)


Excerpted from the encyclical, Catholic Action, 1905.



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