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One Man’s Scrap Another Man’s Gold (May-June 2012)

This is a wonderful time of year for us. During May the directors of all our mission houses return to Combermere for their annual three-week meetings.

Then in June another event occurs that brings us great joy. June 8th, the Feast of Our Lady of Combermere, is Promises Day, the day on which our young applicants make their first promises, thus becoming staff members of Madonna House. On that day, too, others, already members, renew their promises.

On Victoria Day, May 21st this year, our shop goes on its fulltime summer schedule. The staff there thank you for the earrings, bracelets, and rings that you sent.

This time they are asking for pendant watches for women who cannot wear wrist watches. In fact, any wrist watches, working or not, would be welcome. Some of our customers fix watches for a hobby, and our local jeweler fixes good broken jewelry for us to sell.

Do any of you have a book about medals and saints and their symbols that you can spare? The shop has many medals for sale and such a book would be a useful reference tool for both staff and customers.

Kate O’Donnell, who is responsible for household supplies and cleaning, sends a heartfelt thank you for the electric brooms and upright vacuum cleaners that have come in donation. She could also use a manual carpet sweeper.

Other needs are: shampoo, men’s shaving cream, unscented hand lotion, a pair of chemical grade rubber gloves, and regular rubber gloves (medium size).

Our head gardener, Mary Davis, is glad to be working in our orchards and gardens for another year. She would appreciate some bonemeal, bloodmeal, and lime.

Our nurses are ever so grateful for your many donations that help them keep us healthy.

This month, they are asking for: valerian root, magnesium citrate, Epsom salts, arthritis-strength extended release Tylenol, cotton gloves, and 2-inch or larger 3-hole binders.

We much appreciate the office supplies you have provided. With the amount of communicating we do, we go through a lot of paper and envelopes. This month, our main office is asking for Scotch tape and paper that is useable in printers (both good on one side and good on both sides)

The subscription department of Restoration needs 9 x 12 envelopes for sending the paper to subscribers who receive multiple copies of the paper. Kraft envelopes are great, and a few Tyvek envelopes would also be helpful for mailing Restoration to developing countries.

Over the decades, we have depended on your generosity for our needs, and we continue to do so. We give thanks to each of you, and we keep you and your families in our hearts and in our daily prayers. May God give you and your families a happy, holy, and healthy summer.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (May-June 2012)


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