Posted June 05, 2012:
It Is Raining Today

by Catherine de Vinck.

Everywhere rain, north and south,
rain with her wet hair,
her long gray gown dripping
over the land. The day leaks
and we sit in half-darkness
while rain taps at the window
with watery fingers.
We ask ourselves where to find
a place for the angel of light
when our thoughts begin to melt
and ripple down with the sound
of wind-chased rain
clattering on the roof.
The whole world drips-drops
into the night. Tomorrow,
if the weatherman is right,
the sun will shake itself
out of the clouds, and clarity
will return with its transparencies,
its sharp outlines, its fields of crystal.
But today in the shadows,
in the small circumstances of our lives,
the soft hands of the rain wash us clean of sorrows.



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