Posted May 22, 2012 in MH Raleigh NC:
Notes from Near and Far: Raleigh NC

by Theresa Davis.

This is a brief resumé of the past year.

During Holy Week 2011, JoAnne DeGidio and I had planned our Holy Thursday meal. Our friend, Reggie Matthews, had bought the lamb, and we had already announced our annual open house for Easter Monday. All was ready for Holy Week, at least in our minds.

Then Tuesday of Holy Week at 4 a.m., JoAnne, thinking she was walking into the bathroom, walked into open air down our steep stairs. She fractured her shoulder.

As I was helping her get up, she fainted. Her knee hit mine and broke my upper tibia.

Now we were both on the floor unable to move. JoAnne was 76, and I, 85. We started to laugh.

Long story short, we both landed in the hospital. A plastic humeral replacement was put in JoAnne’s shoulder and a metal plate in my knee.

We were the only two staff in our house, and our friend Catherine Oakley came to our rescue.

She cancelled all our Holy Week and Easter programs and organized our lives until Echo Lewis (our third staff worker who was away at the time) and Shatzi Duffy (who was sent here from Combermere), arrived. They joined our friends who had been helping us. (We even had "friends" we didn’t know helping us!)

Now, after a long recuperation, our life is returning to "normal." That is, we are trying to respond to the noise and frenetic activity of the world and its consumerism by living our counter-cultural life of prayer and a lot of what Catherine Doherty called "the chit-chat apostolate." And our ever-present benefactors continue to respond generously to our list of needs.

We are also very involved in the fight against HHS, the Obama government’s attempt to force Catholic institutions to pay for birth control, abortion-producing drugs, and sterilization, in the health insurance of their employees. Mainly we are praying and educating people about this.


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