Posted May 24, 2012 in MH Robin Hood's Bay, England:
Notes from Near and Far: England

by Cheryl Ann Smith.

Our days are full and challenging, largely with the call of hospitality. Since we are in such a remote area, most visitors come for at least a few days, and depending on the season, our prayer and guest rooms can be constantly in use.

Among our guests have been priests and seminarians. God seems to bring them for our mutual consolation and joy. One young priest from Scotland who endeavours to bring light into the desert of his town, came to us for his annual retreat. He left with brighter step and with an invitation for me to speak to his women’s group.

On one level, we are a tiny, largely unknown community of North American Catholics in a Protestant area and country. On another level, God is strengthening our bonds with other Christian communities and movements throughout the UK and Europe.

Nikola Kanachowski and I have been meeting with the UK groups, and God seems to be bringing more members of these communities to visit us in Yorkshire. Finally, the UK groups are beginning to coalesce to the point where we are almost ready to have a national day of celebration.

It’s also been an amazing experience for me to meet with the leaders of various movements in Europe, leaders from countries ranging from Russia to Ireland, and to just touch the hem of that Christian world.

And so the bonds of love deepen.


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