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Glorious His Triumph

by Pope Benedict XVI.

Easter is the true salvation of humanity. If Christ—the Lamb of God—had not poured out his blood for us, we would be without hope. Our destiny and the destiny of the whole world would inevitably be death.

But Easter has reversed that trend: Christ’s resurrection is a new creation, like a graft that can regenerate the whole plant.

It is an event that has profoundly changed the course of history, tipping the scales once and for all on the side of good, of life, of pardon. We are free! We are saved!

Hence from deep within our hearts we cry out: "Let us sing to the Lord: glorious his triumph!"

The Christian people, having emerged from the waters of baptism, is sent out to the whole world to bear witness to this salvation, to bring to all people the fruit of Easter, which consists in a new life, freed from sin and restored to its original beauty, to its goodness and truth.

Continually, in the course of two thousand years, Christians—especially the saints—have made history fruitful with their lived experience of Easter.

The Church is the people of the Exodus because she constantly lives the Paschal Mystery and disseminates its renewing power in every time and place.

In our days, too, humanity needs an "exodus," not just superficial adjustment, but a spiritual and moral conversion. It needs the salvation of the Gospel so as to emerge from a profound crisis, one which requires deep change, beginning with consciences….

(Here the Pope mentions by name the various lands which were especially in crisis and conflict at the time—in 2010 when this talk was given, and also the culture of death.)

Dear brothers and sisters: Easter does not work magic. Just as the Israelites found the desert waiting for them on the far side of the Red Sea, so the Church, after the Resurrection, always finds history filled with joy and hope, grief and anguish.

And yet, this history is changed; it is marked by a new and eternal covenant. It is truly open to the future.

For this reason, saved by hope, let us continue our pilgrimage, bearing in our hearts the song that is ancient yet ever new: "Let us sing to the Lord: glorious his triumph!"

Excerpted from the pope’s traditional Urbi et Orbi message at St. Peter’s Square on Easter Sunday morning, April 4, 2010



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