Posted April 26, 2012:
Do You Believe in the Resurrection?

by Fr. Bob Wild.

Resurrection means that life is stronger than death, that grace has more power than sin. Do we really believe this?

Oh yes, we believe that Jesus died and rose from the dead way back when, but do we believe it in our daily struggles?

All those faults that you and I experience in our lives, do we really believe that the light of the Resurrection is more powerful than they are?

We experience so many fetters from our past, and we say to ourselves, "I will never be able to be free of that." Do we believe—actually and practically—that the power of the Resurrection can free us from our past?

When trials and sorrows come our way, do we believe that, in and through them, we can come to deeper life? Can we embrace these occasions as Jesus embraced his Cross?

Do we have the courage to enter the future, to take the next step we know God is asking of us? Can we, with Jesus, step into a seeming death and wait for the Father to raise us up?

Do you really believe that Jesus has conquered everything by his death, especially this thing in your present life that you have struggled with for so many years?

Do you believe in the Resurrection?


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