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The Duty of the Moment

by Catherine Doherty.

All through my childhood and early youth, I was indoctrinated with the fact that the duty of the moment was the duty of God.

When I was little, I thought God was right by my side, embroidering or whatever. Later, I still believed that the duty of the moment was the duty God gave me. God speaks to us, then, in the duty of every moment.

As this duty of the moment is the will of the Father, we must give our whole self to that. When we do so, we can be certain that we are living in the truth and hence in love and hence in Christ.

Doing the duty of the moment means focusing our whole person—heart, soul, body, emotions, intellect, memory, imagination—on the job at hand.

The duty of the moment done for God is glamorous, exciting, wondrous—if only we can see it for what it truly is! But we are human, and it takes a long time, my dearly beloved ones, to see reality through God’s eyes. Unless we pray exceedingly hard, it takes a long time.

But, with prayer, we see an entirely different world about us. Cleaning the house becomes a joy; washing dishes, an exciting challenge. Careful, repetitious tasks take on a new meaning. Whatever your tasks are, they take on a new meaning.

From Grace in Every Season, (2001), January 17, pp. 32-33, available from Madonna House Publications



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