Posted November 28, 2011:
To Fr. Paul

by Catherine Doherty.

Catherine wrote this as a poem to Fr. Paul on June 17, 1957, a month before he became a member of Madonna House She saw deep into people’s hearts, what God was doing there—things other people rarely saw, things they rarely saw themselves.

A tired priest was groping in the dark, when suddenly a hand—soft, small—took his.

Was it a day? An hour? A Year? Or was it all of eternity? He could not tell. He did not know.

Her steps were noiseless. She gave him strength to go and go through darkness that seemed to grow darker.

Then quite suddenly she led him to a combe, a plateau drenched in light so bright. He laughed with joy, outright, as children do.

She bade him enter into her house of love that shone white like her Spouse, the Dove, with crimson overtones.

And there he met a carpenter who smiled and silently gave him the tools and wood to shape, to serve—the holy work of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Since then the carpenter, the priest, have worked together. Silence reigns and teaches the secrets of the King.

And standing by, a woman smiles. At times the light that shines so bright clothes her in gold. At night her cloak is blue, dark blue.

She sings a lullaby to him. She brought him into her light and then she covered him with her mantle and with love.

That is why the priest’s heart now sings and sings as he works in wood and nails.



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