Posted October 24, 2011:
The Rosary

by Catherine Doherty.

Mary, in this your month of the rosary, teach us how to pray it. For behold, Mother of men and of God, somewhere along the dark road of the past decades, we have forgotten how to pray.

Show us, O Mother of Wisdom, the height, the depth, the width, and the endless breadth that is to be found in that prayer called, in the old days, so beautifully, "Our Lady’s Psalter." Indeed it is your song and your prayer.

For it leads us, O Cause of Our Joy, gently and softly into your joyful mysteries. And then, O Mother of Sorrows, it shows us your poignant Sorrows, the price you paid for our salvation—Co-redemptrix of Christ. Also it leads us to your blinding, breathtaking, glorious mysteries—O Mystical Rose.

We need you, Gate of Heaven, to teach us how to pray. Bend down to our littleness and say the rosary with us.

In our spiritual childhood, the beads will teach us how to pray with your voice. In our spiritual youth, through you, they will reveal to us how to plunge our minds into the blessed mystery spelled out by each decade.

And in our spiritual maturity, Mediatrix of all Graces, show us your secret ways to the prayer of silence—of contemplation.

Your Psalter—the rosary—is a school of prayer, and you are the perfect Mistress of it.

Of all the generations, we who live in insecurity and fear, we who bear the almost unendurable heat of a marketplace from which your Son has been almost completely shut out—we truly need to learn how to pray with the Bride of your Son, the Church.

Only through prayer can we begin truly to know him whom we must love and serve, or indeed perish. Only through prayer can we be before his face and get the strength then to do or live before him, witnessing if need be, unto death, to his divinity and to our Christianity.

This century needs Christians who are Christians in faith and deed. On such depends the fate of the world.

You, who are the Gate of Christ, the Way to the Father, our ultimate goal—you, Mary, Mother of Christ—teach us in this your month of the rosary—to pray it as it should be prayed.

For these ordinary beads, strung on threads, hold within themselves all the mysteries of our holy Faith and all the main ways of prayer.

Mary, Queen of the rosary, open to us its holy secrets. Let it be our door to the heart of your Son, his Father, and the Holy Spirit.

Adapted from Carmel, an Irish magazine, October 1956



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