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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (October 2011)

On a number of levels, you can feel a definite shift here in Combermere when autumn returns. In terms of work, along with the specifically autumn work of harvesting and food processing, some of our work involves getting ready for winter.

In this in-between time, we have become aware that some of our recreational equipment has worn out and needs replacing—equipment for both summer and winter. We could use some badminton rackets, soccer balls, and volleyballs. The volleyballs need to be sturdy as they will get much use. We especially need tape for our hockey sticks.

Our gift shop has had a good season, and by October it will already be on its off-season schedule of three afternoons a week.

The staff there are wondering if anyone can send them the book, My Treasury of Chaplets, by Patricia S. Quintiliani, (Ravengate Press). It would help them identify the various chaplets that come in donation and explain how they are prayed.

As usual, earrings, bracelets, and rings have sold well over the summer, and now they need to be re-stocked. Amber and natural stone jewelry and large broaches are especially popular.

Sometimes, in order to sell what is given to us, other things are very helpful. For example, men’s expandable watch bands would help us sell the watches we have received. Also, some donated items require batteries, and so we need them both to find out if these items work and to demonstrate them to our customers. Would you consider sending us a few AA batteries for this purpose?

Whatever you can send us for the shop is a gift for the poor, as the proceeds of the sales go to support missionaries who serve the poor directly.

The farmers are asking for chainsaw bar oil for their season of cutting firewood. They also need wheel hoes.

Our food processing crew would love to have large spatulas which are resistant to high temperatures for emptying out the large kettles they use for canning.

Our kitchen crew is grateful for the food processors they received. Their only needs for now are hand-held mixers and book matches.

Regardless of the season, the tops of our woodstoves need to be cleaned at the end of each day. Can you send us some long-handled wire bristle BBQ brushes for this purpose? We also need bottle brushes, especially long-handled ones for cleaning gallon jugs.

The staff at St. Martha’s office offer their heartfelt thanks for the supply of paper and envelopes that was donated last month. Their needs this time are: Scotch tape, pens, erasers that fit on the ends of pencils, and white correction fluid.

Our newspaper office has an ongoing need for 9 x 12 Kraft or poly-paper envelopes for mailing out multiple copies of Restoration.

Having recently put together flower arrangements for the feast of Our Lady’s Assumption, the staff at St. Raphael’s handicraft center have become aware of their need to replenish their supply of wet oasis foam blocks. Though that is their number one need at the moment, they would also be happy to receive Schaeffer ink cartridges for calligraphy pens and glue sticks for card-making.

And last of all, the nurses have a short list for you: medium ankle braces, foot basins, Epsom salt, and regular Band-Aids.

Each new season, we see afresh how your friendship, prayers, and support sustain us as we strive to live according to the Gospel. You are in our hearts and prayers each and every day. We bless you and all your families and place you under the mantle of Our Lady of Combermere.


In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (October 2011)


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