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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (July-August 2011)

If any of you have visited us here in Combermere, you know how lovely the place is in summer. The gardens have come back to life, our gift shop and bookstore are open, and our neighbors bring their guests over for tours of Madonna House.

Plus our summer program for young adults and our Cana Colony for families bring many old and new friends into our midst.

In order to have what we need for all that takes place in summer, we come once again as beggars knocking at your doors.

Let’s begin with Cana, our retreat-vacation camp for families. Thanks to your generosity, we have what we need for the cabins and cook shacks. But for recreation, the families will be needing a football and a couple of basketballs. Do you have any extra ones at your house that you could send?

Our cooks need measuring cup sets, ant traps, and electric hand mixers.

Thanks to your donations, the gift shop is well stocked, but the shop keepers would love to have some merchandise that appeals to men. For example, the collections of pipes we received was perfect. Men like them, even if they do not smoke, for they are beautifully made.

You can probably think of other items that you can send: such as pocket knives, money clips, compasses, etc..

The shop keepers would also really appreciate some Oxi-Clean for laundry. They have received in donation some beautiful linens which need to be treated for stains before we can sell them.

During this growing season, the garden work is going full steam ahead. Can you help the cause with any of the following: bone meal, blood meal, lime, rakes for leaves, soaker hoses, and Tangle Trap (a sticky glue used to coat red balls to fool and trap the applew fly maggot). The head gardener, Mary Davis, thanks you in advance for whatever you can send.

Not all of us get to work in the gardens, so even in summer, our offices continue to need paper: letterhead, plain xerox paper, and paper that is good on one side. We also need pens of all types and Scotch tape, ordinary rolls or the larger re-fill type for desk top dispensers.

The subscription department of Restoration needs 9 x 12 mailing envelopes and heavy duty packing tape for bulk subscriptions.

Our cleaning department (which includes dishwashing) seems to need many things at this time.

These include long-handled bottle brushes, rubber gloves (M & L), heavy duty pot scrubbers (copper or stainless steel), barbecue grill brushes (long-handled with a scraper, for cleaning wood stoves), and coarse-fibered, stiff, garage push brooms. (We use these to make boot brushes at the entrance to buildings. So we don’t need handles, just the brushes.

Here are some miscellaneous requests: First an S.O.S.: we are critically low on soap bars and toothpaste. We could also use several pairs of "toe rubbers." (These go over shoes and only cover the bottom part of them.) Finally, can anyone send some insect repellant (without DEET) and some hornet and wasp nest spray?

Even though the flu season is over and gone, we continue to have minor ailments requiring over-the-counter meds. Our nurses are asking for unscented Lubriderm hand lotion, Epsom salts, Tums, and foot basins.

We almost forgot to mention the MP-3 players that our audio department would like to have in order to make Catherine Doherty’s CD talks more available. And blocks of wet oasis for the fresh flower arrangements we will be making for our August 15th celebration of the Assumption.

Busy as we are with all the preparation for summer, we still remember to be grateful for you, our friends, who are so willing to share your fullness with us. We ask God to bless you and give you a happy and safe summer.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (July-August 2011)


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