Posted July 19, 2011 in MH Edmonton AB:
Multiplication of the Hot Dogs

by Miriam Stulberg.

On February 14, the day Madonna House celebrates the foundation of Harlem Friendship House, not to mention St. Valentine’s Day—most of us were either in bed with food poisoning from a tainted donation, recovering, or about to succumb. Only four out of us thirteen staff workers showed up for morning prayers.

We were expecting soon in donation a whole cow, cut and packaged, and to clear out the freezer, as well as to give a mid-winter cheer-up to our friends on the street, we had decided to serve hot dogs for the feast day, along with ice cream and cookies baked from a carton of frozen dough. We had counted the hot dogs to be sure we had enough: 304.

In general the number of people coming to our soup kitchen has been lower than usual since the beginning of the year, but there is no way to predict how many will show up on any given day.

This day they kept coming and coming, until the final tally was 243 men and women. They kept eating and eating, but the hot dogs kept lasting and lasting! Some people had second helpings, others had thirds and even fourths, but we ended up with a full bucket of hot dogs left over!

And if that wasn’t enigmatic enough, the following day, after we cut up half the hot dogs in the bucket for stew, the bucket was still full.


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