Posted June 14, 2011:
Mary and Satan

by Catherine Doherty.

I just received a letter from a woman who had gotten herself deeply into the occult. She asked for my help; but what can I do? I can only pray for her. I also sent her a picture of Our Lady.

In Genesis, there is the prediction that a woman will arise who will crush the head of the serpent. Mary will do this. Her heel is ready to do so, provided we pray at her feet.

She will crush the serpent that is slithering around in our hearts. We hear that serpent voice whispering to us: "Don’t be a sap. All that religious stuff is for nothing. There is no God."

It whispers so many things, half-truths and quarter-truths and downright lies. If we pray to Mary, she becomes powerful and immense. And Satan is exceedingly afraid of her, for he knows when he has met the one who can crush his head.

To go to Mary is to be near Jesus! He chose to come to earth and to us through her. The Holy Spirit overshadowed her. It should be very easy for us to go to her when we are full of tears, full of loneliness, full of slithering serpents, because she has the answers.

From Grace in Every Season, (2001), May 12, pp. 134-135, available from MH Publications



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