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Finding a House

by Jeanne Guillemette.

The day before Lent began we signed a lease for our new house to which we will be moving at the beginning of June. Here is how it all came about…

From the time we arrived in Rimouski on November 24, 2010, we have been living as "pilgrims" in a borrowed house. One of the first works we were given was to find another place to live by the end of May, before its owner is due to return.

Our Archbishop Pierre-André Fournier had been looking for a more permanent place for us over the past two years, without success.

We spent the month before Christmas getting settled in, and the bishop suggested that after the holidays would be a good time for us to begin looking for a new place.

Where to start?

Jocko d’Ursel. my fellow staff worker here, and I had the same inspiration: that we needed to ask St. Joseph’s intercession. And it seemed obvious (to us!) that, in order to pray properly, we needed a nice statue of him.

So, when the bishop came to visit us one evening in January, and asked if we had begun looking for a house, Jocko answered, "Yes, we’ve begun looking for a statue of St. Joseph."

He looked a bit bemused at first, but smiled indulgently.

Yet, ask as we did, no one seemed to be able to find us the statue we were looking for. One day our landlord, Marc Gauthier, came by to see if we needed anything. When we told him we needed a statue of St. Joseph, he immediately got on his cell phone and called his friends, les Frères du Sacré Coeur, who have a little gift shop. They offered us one of three possible statues; I went with Marc to pick one out.

Brother Loyola showed us three small, plastic, glow-in-the-dark statues to choose from.

Just above them I spotted a lovely sixteen-inch ceramic statue. I asked if it would be possible to have that one instead, and the Brother graciously agreed.

The statue needed repair, so Br. Loyola promised to fix it for us.

Finally "Saint Joseph" arrived.

And he moved fast! That very evening, Bishop Pierre-André came by with the news that someone, totally unexpectedly, had suggested a possible place for us.

Yes, that is the house we will be moving into. It is centrally located, not far from the cathedral, and right next to le Grand Séminaire (the former seminary), which is now the Centre for Diocesan Pastoral Services.

There are five rooms: a living room, a spacious kitchen, a large balcony, and a laundry room in the basement. It seems just the right size for us.

We are told that there is a garden somewhere under all that snow in the yard, and in case we forget we are in "the marketplace," the train tracks run parallel to our street.

Of course we are hanging on to St. Joseph for both our spiritual and material needs. Not only will the house need to be furnished but there will also be rent to pay.

We are deeply grateful for God’s Providence, and we are confident that our needs will continue to be provided for.

We just wanted to share the good news with you.


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