Posted June 23, 2011:
Breathe In, Breathe Out

by Scott Eagan,
Madonna House farmer.

What do I breathe in
on those frozen winter mornings
when the world is so full
of hardship yet glimmering with beauty?
Trees to fell, snow to clear,
hay to feed and fires to cheer.
Maiden of flame and snow.

What is it that we inhale
as springtime hope fills the land—
flowers, birds and green leaf return,
and our work load bears quite heavy?
Sap into syrup, ewes give lambs,
gardens to plant and fields to plan.
Flower of forgiveness.

Summer’s question posed, what fills
one’s lungs with hot, damp air—
dust clouds, deer flies and mosquitoes,
and those long, glorious bright days?
Fence repairs, cheese-making,
pickling, canning, weeding—and hay raking.
Leafy, branched Tree, shading the many.

We arrive at harvest, autumn’s colors
and urgency, crisp atmosphere,
the circle completed.
Meat harvest and root cellaring,
fields to plow, then back to tree felling.
Mother of Love never counting the cost.

“We Russians have no special devotion
to Our Lady because she’s
just as much a part and parcel
of our life as breathing.”

We breathe in Mary
through each season of life,
in work and prayer,
at play and asleep.

One day may we breathe
with Her, in a new heaven
and a new earth, our bodies
and souls risen and reunited.
We will then know all the graces
She lovingly worked to lead us
to our home in everlasting places
breathing out always and forever—Jesus.


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