Posted May 31, 2011 in The Pope's Corner:
The Visitation

by Pope John Paul II.

Even before Jesus was born, Mary was a vehicle through whom people encountered him.

When Elizabeth greeted Mary, she (Elizabeth) in no way separated Mother and Son. Rather did she associate them intimately, for she said, and blessed is the fruit of your womb (Lk 1:43)….

Let us reflect: What is the meaning of Mary’s presence in that house in the hill country of Judea? Was she there only through kindness and thoughtfulness for her kinswoman who had conceived a son in her old age?

Was it purely a human act of assistance?

No. It was a much more significant and spiritually fruitful presence, because Mary brought her cousin the incomparable gifts of grace, joy, and light, associating the future Precursor with this bearing of gifts to his mother.

The moment Mary’s greeting sounded in her ears, the old woman not only felt the child leap in her womb, but she was also filled with the Holy Spirit and felt strengthened.

Nor was that all: through illumination of that Spirit who had penetrated her, she above all acquired the superior capacity to see the very Mother of her Lord in her young cousin.

Excerpted from Insegnamenti di Giovanni Paolo II, February 11, 1982, Vol. V, p. 350-353



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