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Memories of Marg

Two words that come to me about Marg are "kindness" and "service." I have no memory of her ever saying an unkind word to or about anyone.

As for service, here’s one simple example. The women staff are assigned on a rotation basis to prepare breakfast for a week. Just a week or so before Marg died, when I was "on breakfast," I injured my right arm and couldn’t finish my week.

Thinking I’d ask a couple of people to take a day, I asked Marg if she would be able to do one of them. Without a moment’s hesitation, she said she’d do both. Surprised and grateful, I thanked her saying, "I’ll do two days for you next time you’re on."

So typical of her, she answered, "You don’t have to."

Neither of us dreamed, of course, that she would never be "on breakfast" again.

a staff worker

Marg loved the adventure of travel and traveled extensively in Canada and the U.S. on her own. Once our father’s health began to fail, however, she devoted all of her vacations and any free time to helping our mother care for him.

Then after our father died, she would spend her vacations with our mother, and while Mom was still able, Marg would take her on trips in Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes.

Marg’s devotion was extended to all of us. Whenever any member of the family was facing a challenge, Marg’s prayers and vigilant phone calls would bring us comfort. We knew that Marg had "connections," and her prayers were very powerful.

Jim Stobie
Marg’s brother

Every once in a while, the goofy, zany side of Marg appeared. One time during dishes, someone said the word, "perform," and Marg and I both spontaneously started dancing. Her movements were always goofier and zanier than mine, so I felt completely free to be as goofy and zany as I could be.

Marg liked to perform. This year, she and I were responsible to oversee the volunteer baking of Christmastime cookies and desserts. We had to make an announcement that the season for it had begun.

I had the idea of singing about various cookies and desserts to the tune of "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music. I told Marg I had jotted down a few lines but couldn’t remember the whole tune. I had schola (choir) practice then and left.

By the time I came back, an hour or so later, Marg had gone online, found the song, printed the lyrics, and rewritten the whole thing.

The next day, after our last-minute practice, we were on. As soon as Marg opened her mouth, the entire room burst out laughing. She sang with great gusto, off key, her deep alto voice bouncing excitedly up and down.

Tina Tan
an applicant


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